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Welcome to the Freedom for Medical Professionals Summit

with  John Allen Mollenhauer

John Allen Mollenhauer, also known as “JAM,” is a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach and an in-the-game Recovery Tech Entrepreneur. JAM works with men and leading women (typically entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals) who have relentless demands on their time and energy and are prone to tiring out, wearing out, or burning out. 

He is the founder of Regenus Centers, where customers unlock their body’s resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue. 

At the crux of his work, he helps his clients learn how to live their true potential by proactively recharging, restoring, and managing their energy for a healthy, spirit-driven life.  

Ultimately, he trains and coaches his clients on how to live healthy, high-performance lifestyles to maximize midlife and achieve their goals with their well-being intact.

He’s married, a father of a 16-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl loves to cycle, learn about human performance, positively influence others, read, and travel.


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