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Welcome to the Freedom for Medical Professionals Summit

with  Dr. H. Paul Stanley

Dr. Paul Stanley began working with people who were struggling with problems in 1977 after completing a master’s degree in counseling.

He quickly realized stress is a core factor in almost every struggle that a person can have. It…

-either causes the problem,

-makes the problem worse,

-or stops you from recovering from the problem.

In addition to causing people to struggle personally, he found that stress has a detrimental and costly effect on businesses.

Thus, a major focus of his career has been on helping people, businesses, and organizations manage their stress well so they can thrive. 

Dr. Stanley completed his PhD at Ole Miss in counseling psychology in 1983.

He practiced as a psychologist from 1984 until March 3, 2018, when he fell while roller skating at his granddaughter’s 7th birthday party and broke his leg.

Because he could not walk without assistance nor drive for 7 months, he decided to retire his psychology practice.

He was trained and certified as a professional coach and began coaching people helping them tap into and use their stress to live rich, abundant, highly satisfying lives. He is also available to provide presentations and training to businesses and other organizations.

His passion is to help people from all walks of life cope well with stress so they can use the stress in their lives to thrive.



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